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English-Hindi > gear mechanism

gear mechanism meaning in Hindi

gear mechanism sentence in Hindi
gear    औजार कपड़े गियर भूल
mechanism    क्रियाविधि तंत्र
1.The wing airfoil was too thin to house conventional landing gear mechanisms.

2.Some reels or skein winders are made without the gear mechanism.

3.The gear mechanisms on Atlantis share a production history with the door on Endeavour.

4.Most film backs are not compatible between Kievs and Hasselblads due to different gear mechanisms.

5.The gear mechanisms were tested on the mock up for design validation before production began.

6.The gear mechanism and electric motor is located at the northern end of the belt.

7.The universe is represented by a series of semicircles ( abstract planets and gear mechanisms ).

8.It used concentric dials and a gear mechanism that provided precise dial resolution, better than 1 kHz.

9.But the gear mechanisms on Atlantis share a production history with the door on Endeavour, Dittemore said.

10.The "'Geneva drive "'is a gear mechanism that translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary motion.

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a mechanism for transmitting motion for some specific purpose (as the steering gear of a vehicle)
Synonyms: gear,

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