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English-Hindi > general comment

general comment meaning in Hindi

general comment sentence in Hindi

• सामान्य टिप्पणी
general    अविशेषक जनरल
comment    टिप्पणी टीका
1.As a general comment, I'd say that TT needs to calm down.

2.That page may also be used for general comments on the evidence.

3.More general comment : I think I can see what happened here.

4.The article makes some general comment on friendliness and emotion of dogs.

5.Here are some specific suggestions as well as a couple of general comments.

6.(unindent for general comment ) For now, just stay away from each other.

7.:We can't offer legal advice, so what follows are general comments.

8.No specifics of physics provided, an entirely broad and general comment.

9."When we say a flight has departed, it's really just a general comment.

10.Having said that I can make some general comments about emails as evidence.

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