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English-Hindi > general delivery

general delivery meaning in Hindi

general delivery sentence in Hindi
• सामान्य वितरण
general    अविशेषक जनरल
delivery    डिलिवरी अर्पण
1.Bicycles enjoy substantial use as general delivery vehicles in many countries.

2.Early in the 1980s general delivery to the population became less and less feasible.

3.And, no, the program doesn't really detail the exploits of General Electric or General Delivery.

4.He's got a general delivery box in Amarillo, Texas.

5.The general delivery time is 2 3 days depending upon the distance and communication of destination.

6.Harbilt also built the HSV ( higher speed vehicle ), which was a general delivery truck.

7.The Ron Mass Emergency Fund still is accepting donations, care of General Delivery, Topanga, Calif . 90290.

8.Another option is the old-style general delivery, for people who have neither post office boxes nor street addresses.

9.The general delivery of basic services to the population has improved, and there's movement toward elections this spring ."

10.In July of the same year, he left the Army, leaving a mailing address of General Delivery, Dallas, Texas.

the part of a post office that handles mail for persons who call for it
Synonyms: poste restante,

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