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English-Hindi > get wise

get wise meaning in Hindi

get wise sentence in Hindi
समझ में आना
समझ में आना
get    सज़ा होना खा लेना
wise    रीति ढंग तरह
1.A person can get wiser faster by listening to other people.

2.It's then that we workers began to get wise;

3.Sighing, Ms . Streisand says : " You get wiser.

4."You get wiser, " he said.

5.As I get older, I get wiser as well.

6.And Barnes, 36, gets wiser by the year.

7.But the Royals seemed to get wise to this pattern in the seventh.

8.Loosen up that ponytail and get wise, sister.

9._It is easier to get older than it is to get wiser.

10.Eventually, you'll find that we get wiser with the years.

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