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English-Hindi > give a leg up

give a leg up meaning in Hindi

give a leg up sentence in Hindi
सहायता करना
give    सप्लाई करना झोंक
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
leg    टाँग टांग पाया पैर
up    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
1.But by the same token, there was always someone there giving a leg up, or a word of encouragement.

2.U . S . computer-makers say the restrictions merely give a leg up to their competitors abroad who sell similar technology.

3.Sony's troubles could give a leg up to RCA, which reports no difficulties with its satellite dish system, he said.

4.Some software developers contend that Microsoft has " hidden APIs " in Windows that give a leg up to its own applications and favored partners.

5.Some software developers contend that Microsoft has " hidden APIs " in Windows that give a leg up to its own applications business and favored partners.

6.Those four companies also benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in government subsidies that were supposed to promote competition by giving a leg up to tiny entrepreneurs, the critics say.

7.The timetable called for Cigar to be saddled in the paddock by his trainer, Bill Mott, who then would give a leg up to Jerry Bailey, the horse's rider.

8.Representing the university, John Payton acknowledged that Michigan gives a leg up to minority applicants by awarding them 20 points on a selection index that combines grade point average ( up to 80 points ), standardized test scores ( up to 12 ) and other factors like geography, leadership and alumni connections.

9."It had really gotten to a point where they just weren't having fun anymore and dreading being out on the road in the past situation . " " Now, the temperament of the band is great, and that seems to give a leg up to the writing and creative process.

10.They can be a route towards corporate benefits, which give a leg up to the company as a whole, not just an individual . " A'manipulator'will often achieve career or personal goals by co-opting as many colleagues as possible into their plans . " Despite the fact that the hidden agenda is a personal victory, allying with unsuspecting co-workers strengthens the manipulator's personal position and ensures that they will be the last person accused of wrongdoing.

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