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English-Hindi > give a miss

give a miss meaning in Hindi

give a miss sentence in Hindi
छोड़ देना
give    सप्लाई करना झोंक
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
miss    युवती कुमारी
1.Just an average pop Miss most discerning listeners would want to give a miss.

2.They're not going to give a miss to a place that is so close to home ."

3.A portal freely accessible via mobile phone, that allows anyone to report stories and listen to them by giving a miss call.

4.One could give a miss to the peasant Swiss-miss dresses with their lace-up fronts or backs, in colors like plum, moss or bright red.

5.What it will do is give a miss-hit ball more distance and a better chance of making the fairway, where the grass is shorter and good shots are easier to make.

6.A video we'd seen frequently on the shelves at our local rental shop but which we had planned on giving a miss suddenly took on more appeal after we saw its trailer ( so named because they used to appear after the main attraction ).

7.In the BWF Super Series ranking for the year 2010 ( which only considers the performances of players in the elite world super series tournaments ), as on 27 September 2010, Saina has dropped to No . 7 from a high of No . 1 after giving a miss to 2010 China Masters Super Series and 2010 Japan Super Series due to her preparation for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

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