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English-Hindi > go up in smoke

go up in smoke meaning in Hindi

go up in smoke sentence in Hindi
• पूरी तरह से नष्ट होना
• व्यर्थ होना
• पूरी तरह से नष्ट होना
go    बारी उत्साह गमन
go up    निर्मित होना बढ़ना
up    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
smoke    तम्बाकू धुंध धुआँ
1.Jimmy Spencer has watched his NASCAR season literally go up in smoke.

2.Lakers win the NBA title; police cars go up in smoke.

3."You will hardly see 3M's profits go up in smoke ."

4.But if Dave goes down, all this optimism will go up in smoke.

5.The upside : None of those billions will actually go up in smoke.

6."It's just devastating watching the scenery go up in smoke ."

7.Funny how the best-laid plans for a sabbatical can go up in smoke.

8.Nature must not go up in smoke, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT TIMES

9.Creosote is what remains of what was supposed to go up in smoke.

10.But all could still go up in smoke . _ BARNABY J . FEDER

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