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English-Hindi > go without saying

go without saying meaning in Hindi

go without saying sentence in Hindi
स्पष्ट होना
go    बारी उत्साह गमन
without    बाहरी भाग के बिना
saying    कथन कहावत दावा
1.But by now it should go without saying that Salgado is astonishing.

2.Then there are the things that should go without saying, but don't.

3.:Might go without saying, but they weren't as white as their eyeballs.

4.It may go without saying that this book is not comfortable to read.

5.In fact, the emphasis on discouraging opposition offenses should probably go without saying.

6.It should go without saying, but we will say it anyway.

7.It may go without saying, but both sides have to agree to play.

8.So huge and obvious are the differences that each should go without saying.

9.First, it should go without saying that fairness must come first.

10.It should go without saying that reports issued for investors'use must be truthful ."

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