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English-Hindi > governing law

governing law meaning in Hindi

governing law sentence in Hindi

शासी कानून
governing    संचालन शासन का
law    उपदेश कानून
1.GOVERNING LAW . JURISDICTION : This may seem like neutral boilerplate.

2.Clause 3, entitled " Governing Law and Arbitration, " provided:

3.Public Land Act of 1936 was enacted which remains the governing law on public lands.

4.Bexley Hall has a unique set of governing laws.

5.The court said the Transportation Department based its decision on a " fundamental misunderstanding of the governing law ."

6.Subsequent changes to its governing laws has led to the creation of subsidiaries and the expansion of its branch network.

7.RCOG s position on reduction of abortion time limits deals with a political question about what the governing law should be.

8.The dissolution of the " provincia " required a new governing law or " lex ", although its contemporary title is unknown.

9.In the absence of any such choice by the parties, express or implied, the court simply assign a governing law to the contract.

10.The authorities controlling land use and occupation were African chiefs and headmen, and African customs and laws were recognised as the governing law.

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