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English-Hindi > governing word

governing word meaning in Hindi

governing word sentence in Hindi

नियंत्रक शब्द
नियामक शब्द
governing    संचालन शासन का
word    बाइबिल पवित्र
1.Specialized figures have been defined to distinguish zeugmas with particular characteristics such as the following figures, which relate to the specific type and location of the governing word:

2.This language has its own vocabulary, grammar and syntax, or rules governing word order, which becomes essential for comprehension when blazoning a complex coat of arms.

3.In classical Arabic, it was not usually pronounced at the end of a sentence, but was generally pronounced elsewhere in a sentence according to the rules governing word-joining ( sandhi ).

4.Newtoids were counseled to associate their candidacies with " optimistic positive governing words " such as share, opportunity, legacy, truth, moral, dream, freedom, peace, pioneer, confidence, and so on.

5.His brief, restless visit to the nearby family museum adumbrates the frailty of privilege and its mementos . ( Museums are levelers : whether an old court dress or an old shepherd's tunic, the governing word is " old . " ) It evokes Audley's own aging weariness with who he is.

6."Quotations, " subtitled " The Little Red, White and Blue Book of the Republican Revolution, " is more comprehensive than the others, with 185 pages that include a list of 80 " optimistic positive governing words, " a short biography of Gingrich and quotations like " C-Span is more real than being there ."

7.In 1990, after consulting focus groups GOPAC distributed a memo with a cover letter signed by Gingrich titled " Language, a Key Mechanism of Control ", that encouraged Republicans to " speak like Newt . " It contained lists of " contrasting words "  words with negative connotations such as " radical ", " sick, " and " traitors "  and " optimistic positive governing words " such as " opportunity ", " courage ", and " principled ", that Gingrich recommended for use in describing Democrats and Republicans, respectively.

8.Thence the only governing word could be the group'TOITESIAI': this would then be an exception to the rule of the genitive of the themes in'- a', which does not end in'- as'as expected, an archaism perhaps in Dumezil's view .'TOITEISIAI'would then denote the means by which the'nois ( i )', we, would have the authority of establishing peace between the'vois'you ( the couple ) of the main relationship justifying the delivery of the vase.

9.That this must be so is patent from the circumstance that the legislative powers given to the Commonwealth Parliament are all prefaced with one general express limitation, namely, " subject to this Constitution, " and consequently those words, which have to be applied " seriatim " to each " placitum ", require the Court to consider with respect to each separate " placitum ", over and beyond the general fundamental considerations applying to all the " placita ", whether there is anything in the Constitution which falls within the express limitation referred to in the governing words of sec . 51.

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