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English-Hindi > government loan

government loan meaning in Hindi

government loan sentence in Hindi
सरकारी ऋण
government    अधिकार अन्वय
loan    ऋण कर्ज उधार रृण
1.The company has received preferential government loans to subsidize financially unsound projects.

2.The totals don't include supplemental spending by Congress and government loan assistance.

3.UAL hasn't decided whether to file for a government loan, Brace said.

4.Buhler purchased the Versatile tractor plant with a $ 32-million government loan.

5.Non-humanitarian foreign aid and U . S . government loans would end.

6.It alone approved and exercised oversight of government loans and debts.

7.He said he started the farm with no equity and a government loan.

8.The airlines also have recourse to $ 10 billion in government loan guarantees.

9."We actually need the marriage paper to get government loans, " she said.

10.Government loans kept it afloat until 1983, when the company went into receivership.

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