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English-Hindi > ground bass

ground bass meaning in Hindi

ground bass sentence in Hindi

• आधार मंद्र
ground    सज़ा देना भूतल
bass    पर्श बास पुमंद्रक
1.It could be the Russian Impressionistic equivalent of a Baroque ground bass.

2.So did " Air on a Ground Bass " ( 1929 ).

3.The ritornello theme has virtually become a free " ground bass " throughout.

4.Among Risher's favorite forms for such works are the ground bass and chaconne.

5.One of his specialties was giving his heroines " ground bass laments ".

6.He was especially skilled in writing upon a ground bass.

7.All the while, the mesmerizing ground bass continues.

8.The ground bass specifically is a melodic line or harmonic pattern repeated in the bass voice.

9.The sixth variation is a waltz, and the seventh uses the theme as a ground bass.

10.Tippett wanted to avoid the " Purcellian ground bass, which would make the finale a form of passacaglia.

a short melody in the bass that is constantly repeated

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