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English-Hindi > ground plane antenna

ground plane antenna meaning in Hindi

ground plane antenna sentence in Hindi

• भू-समतल ऐन्टेना
ground    सज़ा देना भूतल
plane    रन्दा हमवार बनाना
antenna    ऐंटिना
1.This type of antenna is called a " ground plane antenna ".

2.VHF ground plane antenna, a type of monopole antenna used at high frequencies.

3.The UHF transceiver used a discone, while the VHF transceivers used ground plane antennas.

4.Common types of monopole antenna are the inverted-F, mast radiator, and ground plane antennas.

5.Judd found the Slim Jim produces a lower takeoff angle and better electrical performance than a 5 / 8 wavelength ground plane antenna.

6.They are a practical and higher-gain alternative to quarter wave ground plane antennas used in fixed base stations for mobile two-way radios, such as police, fire, and taxi dispatchers.

7.In the " ground plane antenna " style whip antenna, the " plane " consists of several wires " ? " / 4 long radiating from the base of a quarter-wave whip antenna.

8.Common types of low-gain omnidirectional antennas are the whip antenna, ground plane antenna, vertically oriented dipole antenna, discone antenna, mast radiator, horizontal loop antenna ( sometimes known colloquially as a'circular aerial'because of the shape ) and the halo antenna.

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