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English-Hindi > gulp back

gulp back meaning in Hindi

gulp back sentence in Hindi
gulp    ग्रास घूँट घूंट
back    कमर पीछे का
1.Eight-year-old Lindsay Breslauer gulps back tears as she looks for her family.

2.Mrs . McAllister gulps back tears while listening.

3.He paused to gulp back the tears.

4.So she gulps back tears when Tatiana resists going home because the apartment holds too many memories of her mother.

5.ATLANTA-- There are surely times in everybody's life when words fail, when all you can do is gulp back the emotions and try to maintain composure.

6.Mara went back to trying to eat, talk and gulp back tears as she described how she pleaded with her mother to let her audition for the part in the Christmas movie.

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