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English-Hindi > haemal arch

haemal arch meaning in Hindi

haemal arch sentence in Hindi

हीमन चाप
haemal    रक्त रुधिर रूधिर
arch    चाप चापाकार में
1.The tail has haemal arches, a feature lost in all other modern turtles.

2.It consists of five tail vertebrae, a sacral vertebra, a left humerus, haemal arches and rib fragments.

3.It includes a partial anterior cervical vertebra, multiple caudal vertebrae and five haemal arches, a nearly complete pelvis, and the left femur.

4.In the tail, these are attached to chevron-shaped bones called "'haemal arches "', which attach below the base of the spine, and help to support the musculature.

5.The haemal arches possess a unique morphology, where only the ninth pair and onwards are fused distally, however unlike other diapsids they are not V-or Y-shaped in cranial view, but U-shaped.

6.So, while Meyer was unable to come up with an exact number, he noted that " Acteosaurus " has at least 10 cervical vertebrae, and 27 posteroventrally positioned, unfused haemal arches on the vertebrae of the tail.

7.It have features of the mosasauroids, with three vertebrae with haemal arches and procoelic centra, that suggest the possibility that these small bones belong to an embryo of this species, although the lack of diagnostic fossils like the skull or teeth prevents a complete identification.

8.The skeletal elements recovered for this type specimen of " Murusraptor " include a partial skull consisting of a complete braincase with frontals and parietals, right lacrimal, prefrontal, postorbital, quadrate, pterygoid, epipterygoid and ectopterygoid, thirty-one teeth, the rear elements of the right lower jaw, twelve vertebrae from the back, sacrum and tail, eleven thoracic ribs, a single haemal arch or chevron bone, several gastralia, a third manual ungual, complete left ilium, part of a right ilium, proximal ends of both pubic bones, distal ends of the ischia, the right tibia, and a calcaneum.

a structure arising ventrally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the caudal blood vessels
Synonyms: hemal arch,

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