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hairy frog sentence in Hindi

"hairy frog" meaning in Hindi
  • The male hairy frog ( " Trichobatrachus robustus " ) has dermal papillae projecting from its lower back and thighs, giving it a bristly appearance.
  • Durrell, having criticized a BBC radio talk about life in West Africa, sent in a fifteen-minute radio script about his trials attempting to catch a hairy frog in the Cameroons.
  • The hairy frog is also notable in possessing retractable " claws " ( though unlike true claws, they are made of bone, not keratin ), which it may project through the skin, apparently by intentionally breaking the bones of the toe.
  • This group includes African treefrogs in the genus " Leptopelis " along with the terrestrial breeding squeakers " Arthroleptis ", and several genera restricted to the Guinean forests of central and west Africa, such as the hairy frog " ( Trichobatrachus ) ".

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