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hairy mole sentence in Hindi

"hairy mole" meaning in Hindi
  • Every abrasion, every scar, every hairy mole, exposed to the world.
  • Analyn, 17, was born with a black, hairy mole that covered most of her face.
  • In 1896, a year after the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm R�ntgen and in same year that hairy moles covering her whole back.
  • The brownish, hairy mole at the time covered a third of her body, extending along the left arm to the elbow and wrapping around her torso.
  • I mean, you never know, she could've had a " Hells Angels or Bust " tattoo on her behind, or a series of hairy moles in the shape of North Dakota.
  • While recognizing that the Braves are a team with a few pimples, and maybe even a hairy mole here and there, they still are the best looking pig in this county fair.
  • I mean Pavarotti could've bumped into his soulmate and she was 67, had a big hairy mole on the tip of her nose and smoked through a hole in her neck, but no!
  • As a field of medical sciences, radiobiology originated from Leopold Freund's 1896 demonstration of the therapeutic treatment of a hairy mole using a new type of electromagnetic radiation called x-rays, which was discovered 1 year previously by the German physicist, Wilhelm R�ntgen.

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