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English-Hindi > halogen compound

halogen compound meaning in Hindi

halogen compound sentence in Hindi

हैलोजन यौगिक
halogen    नीकुल्य रासायनिक
compound    आंगन समास घेरा
1.Halogen compounds are also present in the product oxide.

2.The best-known rhodium-halogen compound is the Wilkinson's catalyst chlorotris ( triphenylphosphine ) rhodium ( I ).

3.Acid gases are removed from the flue gases by passing through a two-stage scrubber to remove acid components, especially halogen compounds such as hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid.

4.Additionally, his research in the synthesis and polarography of organic halogen compounds was designed for undergraduate collaboration and all but one of his articles were published with student co-authors.

5.However, these questions of eliminating emissions into the environment from flame retardants can be solved by using a new classification of highly efficient flame retardants, which do not contain halogen compounds, and which can also be keyed permanently into the chemical structure of the foams used in the furniture and bedding industries.

6.Among these are :-' Alkyl Fluorides; " Ethyl valerolactone; " Vapour-Pressures and Specific Volumes of Halogen Compounds in relation to the Periodic Law; " A New Method of determining Specific Volumes of Liquids and Saturated Vapours; " The Molecular Volumes of the Saturated Vapours of Benzene, and of its Halogen Derivatives .'Dr Young is also the joint author of numerous memoirs on the thermal properties of liquids, and allied subjects, several of which have appeared in full in the Philosophical Transactions ""

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