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English-Hindi > handicraft economy

handicraft economy meaning in Hindi

handicraft economy sentence in Hindi

हस्तशिल्प अर्थव्यवस्था
handicraft    कारीगरी दस्तकारी
economy    अर्थनीति
1.The characteristics of handicraft economy in the pre - modern times of china

2.An examination of the handicraft economy in the yellow river delta in the ming and qing dynasties

3.With advantageous natural conditions as well as the government ' s proper macroscopic regulating measures , the yellow river delta handicraft economy was relatively developed in the ming and qing dynasties

4.As for handicraft , in the course of rise and fall of handicraft trade , we can found traffic and resources and other factors limited the handicraft economy development , thus xingdan characterized the export of labor and import of resources , promoting the handicraft economy development more and more

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