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English-Hindi > hang glider

hang glider meaning in Hindi

hang glider sentence in Hindi
झूलने वाला बिना इंजिन का विमान
हैंग ग्लाइडर
hang    झुकाव फाँसी देना
glider    ग्लाइडर इंजनरहित
1.Flown by hang glider and 5 on the North-Baverian Aviation Society biplane.

2.If I had millions I would have more than a hang glider.

3.The engine package can be installed in most hang glider pod harnesses.

4.Witnesses said the hang glider and the ultralight became entangled and crashed.

5.These rudders made Icarus I much more maneuverable than other hang gliders.

6.Some hang gliders have engines, and are known as powered hang gliders.

7.The company founder, Josef Guggenmos, was a World Champion hang glider pilot.

8.Some hang gliders have engines, and are known as powered hang gliders.

9.Kiceniuk began building hang gliders in 1971 while still in high school.

10.The aircraft resembles a small sailplane and not a traditional hang glider.

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a glider resembling a large kite; the rider hangs from it while descending from a height

a rider of a hang glider

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