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English-Hindi > hang gliding

hang gliding meaning in Hindi

hang gliding sentence in Hindi
लटकते हुए बिना प्रयास के फिसलना
हैंग ग्लाइडिंग
hang    झुकाव फाँसी देना
gliding    ग्लाइडर उड़ान
1.We big-wall rock climb, big-wave surf, adventure snowboard and underwater hang glide.

2.This TV documentary helped promote the development of hang gliding in Europe.

3.He and Rodney meet the owner of the hang gliding club, Andy.

4.You're not ready for skydiving and hang gliding's just not your thing.

5.Greblo believes certain people take to hang gliding more so than others.

6.House says if he had known, he would have gone hang gliding.

7.Other uses include hang gliding, fishing, surfing, orienteering and beach related activities.

8.Hang gliding is " like that only much better, " he promised.

9.In 1972 he began to seriously devote his time to hang gliding.

10.It also hosts hang gliding take-off runs in the Southwest and Northeast.

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gliding in a hang glider

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