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English-Hindi > haute cuisine

haute cuisine meaning in Hindi

haute cuisine sentence in Hindi
उच्च पाक-कला
haute    उच्च ऊंचा ऊंचे
cuisine    पाक-प्रणाली भोजन
1.We know that haute cuisine takes a lot more skill than soup.

2.And Emeril is not a missionary preaching haute cuisine to the masses.

3.Seventh, they used regional dishes for inspiration instead of haute cuisine dishes.

4.This is an astonishing dish worthy of a temple of haute cuisine.

5.But China, like France, also has a venerable tradition of haute cuisine.

6.Shayn insists on changing the menu to a new haute cuisine menu.

7.Restaurants attached to new stadiums even serve haute cuisine in the off-season.

8.The key to Lagasse's appeal is his cheerful demystification of haute cuisine.

9.Only big operators can afford the overhead of haute cuisine, hautely presented.

10.In 2000, Alain Ducasse chose the Ath�n�e for his haute cuisine restaurant.

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(French) an elaborate and skillful manner of preparing food

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