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English-Hindi > have it off

have it off meaning in Hindi

have it off sentence in Hindi
• सटाना
have    माल असबाब बाध्य
have it    कहना
it    वह इसे इसको इसक्
off    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
1.Why can't we have it off the bench?

2."I have it off and on, " he says.

3.Oh ! why won't anyone ever have it off with me?

4.All my friends are applying now, but I have it off my shoulders.

5."It's nice to have it off my back ."

6.There's nothing more boring than watching two people having it off in a film.

7.I was hoping to just have it off to the side in a box or something.

8."If I were, I'd have a hearing aid and I'd have it off.

9.I think we may have complicated the equation here by having it off the table as way back as last fall.

10.Certainly there are plenty of female adult stars who enjoy sex a lot and have it off-screen more than the average person.

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