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English-Hindi > hazardous goods

hazardous goods meaning in Hindi

hazardous goods sentence in Hindi

• परिसंकटमय माल
hazardous    जोखिमवाला जोखिमी
goods    वस्तु संपत्ति
1.Railway operators are not required to inform Canadian municipalities about hazardous goods in transit.

2.Eurotunnel has banned a wide range of hazardous goods from travelling in the tunnel.

3.Legal experts say that precedent could be expanded to other businesses that make hazardous goods.

4.The transport of hazardous goods through the crossing is governed by the European ADR Agreement.

5.Deutz handles low value non-hazardous goods including sand, gravel, animal feed, grain, lumber and liquid chalk.

6.Another one became a hazardous goods store.

7.We have concluded that we can best serve our customers by only transporting commercial hazardous goods aboard cargo aircraft.

8.Some highly perishable or hazardous goods, such as radioisotopes used in medical imaging, are delivered directly from manufacturer to consumer.

9.Like the " Clansman ", she has an open stern, allowing her to carry hazardous goods whilst still carrying foot passengers.

10.In April 1995 another pilot noted the shipper had improperly filled out the form identifying the amount and type of hazardous goods.

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