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English-Hindi > heat balance

heat balance meaning in Hindi

heat balance sentence in Hindi

ऊष्मा संतुलन
ताप संतुलन
heat    वेग संताप गरम करना
balance    संतोलक पहिया
1.For that reason, FCC units are often referred to as being'heat balanced '.

2.To date, there have been no direct measurements of heat balance during in-flight exercise sessions.

3.These new physical methods based on heat balance were quickly adopted by climatologists around the world.

4.Adherence to these two principles is furthered by making material and heat balances on the combustion process.

5.In 1963, Budyko directed the compilation of an atlas illustrating the components of the Earth's heat balance.

6.The heat balance relates the heat available for the charge to the overall net heat produced by fuel combustion.

7.It was developed using principles of heat balance and experimental data collected in a controlled climate chamber under steady state conditions.

8.Overall, in 2005 the radiative forcing cause by aviation amounted to 4.9 % of all human-caused radiative forcing on Earth's heat balance.

9.Yet atmospheric water is one of the most important greenhouse gases controlling the radiation and heat balance of the Earth, Parkinson said.

10.Additional material and heat balances can be made to quantify the thermal advantage from preheating the combustion air, or enriching it in oxygen.

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