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English-Hindi > heat budget

heat budget meaning in Hindi

heat budget sentence in Hindi

ऊंमा बजट
ऊष्मा बजट
heat    वेग संताप गरम करना
budget    आयव्ययक
1.The yearlong program is called Sheba, an acronym for Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean.

2.The equatorial oceans comprise a major portion of the overall heat budget and, therefore, alter convective regimes near the equator.

3.Uranus shows a net negative heat budget to space, but the others ( including Neptune, farther out ) are net positive.

4.Bears are among the complications of conducting a multinational scientific expedition called Sheba, or Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean.

5.This revision, if true, would also alleviate issues with the core heat budget by providing an additional energy source back in time.

6.Controversy over the exact nature of mantle convection makes the linked evolution of Earth's heat budget and the dynamics and structure of the mantle difficult to unravel.

7.Relevant to global climate, DMS is thought to play a role in the Earth's heat budget by decreasing the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth's surface.

8.Scientists participating in a project called SHEBA, an acronym for Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean, have also observed a shrinkage of the ice covering the Arctic Ocean.

9.Using these instruments, Suomi and his team discovered that the Earth absorbed more of the Sun's energy than originally thought and demonstrated that it was possible to measure and quantify seasonal changes in the global heat budget.

10.Geoneutrino detectors can detect the decay of 238 U and 232 Th and thus allow estimation of their contribution to the present radiogenic heat budget, while 235 U is unobserved, and 40 K is not detectable but is known to contribute 4 TW of heating.

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