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English-Hindi > high altar

high altar meaning in Hindi

high altar sentence in Hindi

मुख्य वेदी
high    प्रखर स्वर्ग भारी
altar    वेदिका वेदी
1.A fire in 1999 destroyed the original high altar and reredos paintings.

2.He also created the high altar at Reichersdorf ( 1502 1506 ).

3.The crucifix above the high altar is attributed to Luca della Robbia.

4.The Priest then opens the veil and kneels at the High Altar.

5.The high altar was bought in 1721 from the people in Litzendorf.

6.The high altar was set over the room of St . Francis.

7.The original reredos and high altar were destroyed by bombing in 1940.

8.The High Altar reredos designed by Charles Deacon was installed in 1909.

9.The high altar ( 15th century ) is by Giovanni di Paolo

10.A highlight of the church was its 13 m tall high altar.

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the main altar in a church

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