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English-Hindi > high alumina brick

high alumina brick meaning in Hindi

high alumina brick sentence in Hindi

उच्च एलूमिना ईट
high    प्रखर स्वर्ग भारी
alumina    एल्युमिना
brick    खिलौना रोड़ा ईंट
1.Shaped insulating refractory products - high alumina bricks

2.High alumina bricks for hot blast stove

3.High alumina bricks for blast furnaces

4.Low creep high alumina bricks

5.Dilatable high alumina bricks

6.High alumina bricks for eaf

7.High alumina bricks

8.J69 series compound friction brick press is the special equipment for pressure moulding of magnesia - carbon brick , high alumina brick and thin fire brick

9.The key products of the company are high alumina brick , fireclay brick , phosphate - bonded wearable brick , exfoliation - resistant high alumina brick , high refractoriness under load brick , corundum brick , magnesite brick , magnesite ? chrome brick , series of corundum , sic furnace chamber and pipe , ceramisite brick , corundum - mullite brick , corundum - chrome brick , sillimanite brick , magnesite alumina spinel brick , acid - resistant brick , alkali - resistant brick , zirconia - corundum brick , alumina bubble products , series thermal insulating refractory products , high alumina castable , corundum castable , corundum ramming , brown - corundunm castable , sic castable , low - cement castable , alkali ? resistant castable , light silica alumina products , stainless steel fibre reinforced castable , etc

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