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English-Hindi > hit the hay

hit the hay meaning in Hindi

hit the hay sentence in Hindi
hit    चोट टक्कर ताना
the    वही यह वह वही वह
hay    सूखी घास फूस
1."Adultery for Beginners " or " Hit the Hay Vol . 3 . ")

2.At night he got undressed and hit the hay.

3.That meant that some managers had to rouse themselves or hit the hay at odd hours.

4.But it's tough to hit the hay when the barn door keeps opening to some strange new world.

5.If you hit the hay before midnight and the GOP hasn't won 15 of them, it's in trouble.

6.If the moves seem wise, I'd be delighted if someone did them while I hit the hay; I am late for bed . talk ) 21 : 09, 6 December 2009 ( UTC)

7.Then there's the hay, century-old slang for " bed . " Did the people who first " hit the hay " have any experience with hay-stuffed beds, or were they thinking vaguely of straw pallets?

8.I'm gonna say right now that I am half-dead and half-asleep, so other editors like Dougweller and possibly noclador could fill in the details as I need to hit the hay soon ( need to get digging at 05 : 00 GMT + 2 ).

9.While the nine-year-old show airs at a time when most normal folks have hit the hay, it is enormously important and influential, affecting the playlists of many alternative or modern rock radio stations and serving as the leading edge of MTV's mainstream fare of the near future.

10.Bush typically hits the hay at about 9 : 30 p . m . and rises sometime between 5 : 30 and 6 : 30 a . m . Bush's acceptance speech is set to be delivered to the Republican National Convention at 10 p . m . in Philadelphia.

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prepare for sleep; "I usually turn in at midnight"; "He goes to bed at the crack of dawn"
Synonyms: go to bed, turn in, bed, crawl in, kip down, hit the sack, sack out, go to sleep, retire,

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