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English-Hindi > hit the wrong note

hit the wrong note meaning in Hindi

hit the wrong note sentence in Hindi
गलत करना
गलत कहना
गलत लिखना
hit    चोट टक्कर ताना
the    वही यह वह वही वह
wrong    नाइंसाफ़ी
note    शब्द छोटी चिठ्ठी
1.The baby blue hits the wrong note.

2.After you finish a section, the software scores you and highlights where you hit the wrong notes.

3.At the end of each performance, Han stood Kim in a corner and yelled abuse at Kim about how she was ugly, bad dancer, and hit the wrong notes.

4.This gimmick was used for the opening of the hit Haley single's " See You Later Alligator ", " ( You Hit the Wrong Note ) Billy Goat " and " Rip It Up ".

5.O'Keefe's debut single ( issued as a 78rpm record ), " You Hit The Wrong Note, Billy Goat " b / w " The Chicken Song ", was released in July 1957 but it failed to chart and sold poorly, as did the follow-up, " Love Letters In The Sand " & ndash; which O'Keefe later described as the worst record of his career.

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