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English-Hindi > holy alliance

holy alliance meaning in Hindi

holy alliance sentence in Hindi

• धर्म सहबंध
• धर्मसंधि
• पवित्र मैत्री
• पवित्र सहबंध
holy    धार्मिक निर्दोष
alliance    मैत्री संधि संबंध
1.Alexander I into Paris, the Holy Alliance and the Concert of Europe.

2.This was done in order to not alarm the Holy Alliance.

3.This period contains the time of the Holy Alliance, which was a military agreement.

4."So I don't think we'll be seeing any holy alliances across the continent ."

5.For Christian conservatives, family and politics form a holy alliance.

6.The idea of a united humanity he saw looming in the Holy Alliance realized.

7.On 14 December 1822, the Holy Alliance denounced the Greek Revolution, considering it audacious.

8.He represented the Holy Alliance in the United States.

9.In this religious forcing-house the idea of the Holy Alliance germinated and grew to rapid maturity.

10.This time, Navarro, a member of the Vatican delegation, is ruling out any such " holy alliances ."

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