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English-Hindi > horn antenna

horn antenna meaning in Hindi

horn antenna sentence in Hindi

• तूर्य ऐन्टेना
horn    नरसिंघा प्याला
antenna    ऐंटिना
1.The aperture efficiency ranges from 0.4 to 0.8 in practical horn antennas.

2.Type 33 was still another 10-cm set; this one used separate round-horn antennas.

3.The Type 32 was another 10-cm system, this one having separate square-horn antennas.

4.Horn antennas can also be constructed with high gain, but are less commonly seen.

5.A well-known example of this is the horn antenna.

6.Separate horn antennas were used for transmitting and receiving.

7.TsSO-P had a long horn antenna long and high.

8.Its payload was composed of a multi horn antenna by thirty 45 MHz command and telemetry antenna.

9.The Andover Earth Station was equipped with a giant horn antenna, 7 stories high and weighing 340 tons.

10.The medium-gain horn antennas are used for housekeeping data downlink when the high-gain antenna is not facing Earth.

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