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English-Hindi > horse barn

horse barn meaning in Hindi

horse barn sentence in Hindi
horse    घोड़ा घोड़ा घोड़ी
barn    कोठार खलिहान
1.The same initials were spray-painted at the horse barn.

2.Davies has thought of creating a workshop in a former horse barn.

3.He was due to report to the horse barn with a tractor,

4.Originally there were several other buildings including a horse barn and stable.

5.The mule barn has a somewhat smaller cupola than the horse barn.

6.You also can see Disney's riding stock in the horse barn.

7.The tornado blew over a horse barn, but their home was spared.

8.The arena was also used as a horse barn.

9.The original stone horse barn has partly collapsed, but remains in use.

10.The other building was an 18 by horse barn.

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