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English-Hindi > humming bird

humming bird meaning in Hindi

humming bird sentence in Hindi

गुंजन पक्षी
humming    भिनभिनाहट गुंजन
bird    चिड़िया पक्षी
1.The " friendly insects " include ladybeetles, bees, ground beetles, humming birds.

2.:No, at least not after the humming birds know where the feeders are.

3.They released their eponymous EP " The Humming Birds " in September 2012.

4.Humming Bird enjoyed moderate success, having released nine albums before disbanding in May 2000.

5.Beside it is a humming bird made from wood shavings.

6.She wrote another play, " The Humming Bird ", which opened on Broadway in 1923.

7.Around the lake one frequently sees humming birds feeding at the flowers overhanging the water.

8.Pollinators include Humming birds in subtropical areas, and moths.

9.By 1988, Maps had evolved into the band Humming Bird for which Fukuyama is often remembered.

10.The " Humming Bird " was subsequently sold, and says Harold " is somewhere in Europe ."

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