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i promise you sentence in Hindi

"i promise you" meaning in Hindi
  • I promise you one more thing _ that I will be back.
  • I promise you this as president and as guarantor of the Constitution.
  • I promise you we will not take any legal action against protesters,
  • I promise you today that there are two sides to every story.
  • I promise you today that I will not be a wicked president,
  • I promise you that no animals will talk on our show.
  • I promise you the Democratic Party will become a loyal opposition,
  • This game will not be a blowout, I promise you that.
  • I promise you that as prime minister I will expel Arafat,
  • I promise you no one has higher expectations than I do.
  • I promise you that had nothing to do with our thinking.
  • I am not far off where I was, I promise you,
  • I promise you that we will get back to the basics,
  • I promise you, the president would not contest any of those.
  • He said, ` I promise you I have done nothing wrong.
  • And I promise you what a wonderful life it will be.
  • We are going to win the next election, I promise you,
  • And I promise you, I will create that kind of government.
  • I certainly wear it ( lingerie ) well, I promise you.
  • I had no desire to be here, I promise you.
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