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English-Hindi > i section

i section meaning in Hindi

i section sentence in Hindi

प् सेक्शन धरन
मोटर मरम्मत और निरीक्षण अनुभाग
i    मैं मैने अंग्रेजी
section    विधर्मी अनुच्छेद
1.The entire Phase I section of the TLH was completed in 2014.

2.The location of the grave is section 66, grave number 7489.

3.The relevant provision relating to the Legal Committee is section 31 which states:

4.The law involved is Section 607 of the Federal Criminal Code.

5.The tail is section is mounted on a wire braced removable boom for storage.

6.This is section of track has a maximum speed of

7.In an article i . e . Marwat, there is section for noteable Marwats.

8.The most fundamental of these regulations is section 389A of the Companies Act 1985.

9.In 2008 the boys track team were the North II Group I Section Champions.

10.On July 14, 2015, the Phase I section of the Gold Line began service.

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