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English-Hindi > i thought as much

i thought as much meaning in Hindi

i thought as much sentence in Hindi
मुझे इसी का अन्देशा था
i    मैं मैने अंग्रेजी
thought    चिंता चिन्तन
as    की तरह जैसे ही पहले
as much    ऐसा ही
much    अधिकता बहुतायत
1."I thought as much, " said Joyce.

2.Many thanks Menchi, I thought as much, yes I didn't think it would have been adopted in the meantime.

3.I thought a much more logical use of sound in Wikipedia was to enhance articles ( for pronunciations and obvious sound-related issues, not the ghastly practice of forcibly " entertaining " Website visitors ! ).

4.Frusciante has also noted his increased use of the Roland MC-202 for his electronic music, saying that he was at the point " where I thought as much like a 202ist as I did a guitarist . . . " The MC-202 has been his primary melodic instrument in his electronic music.

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