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English-Hindi > ice axe

ice axe meaning in Hindi

ice axe sentence in Hindi
1.Lack of ice axe makes the probability of successful self-arrest much lower.

2.The ice axe bears similarity in design to a medieval war hammer.

3.The long-handled alpenstock was a predecessor to the modern ice axe.

4.Without an ice axe or crampons this presents a serious obstacle.

5.In the late 19th century, the typical ice axe shaft measured in length.

6.We were also taught falling techniques when the ice axe is not handy.

7.He said Rumez dragged himself out of the crevasse using an ice axe.

8.In 1975, Chinese climber Wang Hongbao found a body near an ice axe.

9.Harris'ice axe and jacket were found near Rob Hall's body several days later.

10.However, Mallory was able to hold them by his rope and ice axe.

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an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in ice
Synonyms: ice ax, piolet,

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