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English-Hindi > idle wheel

idle wheel meaning in Hindi

idle wheel sentence in Hindi
दाँतेदार चरखी
दाँतेदार घिरनी
idle    आलस्य करना आलस्य
wheel    घिरनी चक्कर चक्कर
1.Steel idler wheels replaced the wooden idlers fitted to French examples.

2.The idler wheel was at the rear and one return roller was fitted.

3."' The Idler Wheel Tour "'is the fourth tour by American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple.

4.The rear-mounted idler wheel was used to adjust track tension.

5.Also from August 1944, new rear idler wheels were introduced.

6.The idler wheel maintains the proper belt tension between the motor and the drum.

7.An unsprung road wheel was located directly underneath the idler wheel to improve obstacle crossing.

8.An idler wheel, mounted at the rear of the vehicle, was used to control track tension.

9.Within the first 20 minutes of " Idle Wheels, " it's evident how the story will end.

10.This caused many problems with heavy wear of the front idler wheels and the undercarriage in general.

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a pulley on a shaft that presses against a guide belt to guide or tighten it
Synonyms: idle pulley, idler pulley,

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