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English-Hindi > inaccessible forest

inaccessible forest meaning in Hindi

inaccessible forest sentence in Hindi

अगम्य वन
inaccessible    दुर्गम पहुँच से
forest    कानन जंगल बन वन
1."Virtually, there was no administrative control in the inaccessible forests due to insurgency, " he added.

2.From around 5400 BC reforestation was complete, forming an inaccessible forest and forcing out the last of the big animals such as aurochs and elk.

3.We moved our entire network to the thick and inaccessible forests and mountains of Indian-occupied Kashmir after the Kargil operation, " he said, referring to intense fighting in 1999 between Pakistani and Indian troops.

4.A global array of a dozen satellites like the GOES system could monitor every active volcano in the world with a fresh warning of increasing heat every 15 minutes, and provide warnings just as rapidly when major fires break out unobserved in inaccessible forests.

5.Specifically, logging companies construct new roads into previously inaccessible forest areas which facilitates the conversion of et al 2000 " / > This has led to the immigration of landless farmers, in particular from eastern savanna regions, to enter primary forest areas through logging roads.

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