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inactivated vaccine sentence in Hindi

"inactivated vaccine" meaning in Hindi
  • LAIV is administered intranasally, while inactivated vaccines are administered by intramuscular injection.
  • These are : inactivated vaccines, attenuated vaccines, virus-like particle vaccines and subunit vaccines.
  • Virtually no cases of vaccine-associated polio have been attributed to the inactivated vaccine.
  • It is an attenuated vaccine, unlike most influenza vaccines, which are inactivated vaccines.
  • Moreover, the inactivated vaccine only provided specific immunity to the child receiving the vaccine.
  • The inactivated vaccine was made with H7N9 virus that was isolated in Shanghai, China.
  • For those patients, an inactivated vaccine can provide protection.
  • Both live attenuated and inactivated vaccines are typically trivalent.
  • He is critical of Cutter Laboratories virus manufacturing prior to deaths resulting from Cutter inactivated vaccine.
  • These vaccines contrast to those produced by " killing " the virus ( inactivated vaccine ).
  • Seronegative sows are usually found only in PPV-free herds; in such cases, inactivated vaccine is indicated.
  • Three vaccines currently exist, which include a polyvalent vaccine, a monovalent vaccine, and a monovalent inactivated vaccine.
  • Inactivated vaccine does not, but it causes more local inflammation and possibly predisposes the cat to vaccine-associated sarcoma.
  • Studies on live vaccines have very limited data, but these preparations may be more effective than inactivated vaccines.
  • In 1957 he joined the Animal Virus Research Institute, Pirbright as Head of the Inactivated Vaccine Research Unit.
  • The meta-analyses examined the efficacy and effectiveness of inactivated vaccines against seasonal influenza in adults, and the elderly.
  • This method is most commonly used for growth of influenza virus, both attenuated vaccine and inactivated vaccine forms.
  • Connaught will sell about 500, 000 doses of the inactivated vaccine this year, said a company spokeswoman, Chris Grant.
  • But some doctors said they were worried that the inactivated vaccine would not provide an equal level of protection.
  • Once they understood the issue, about 80 percent of the economically disadvantaged parents said they would prefer inactivated vaccine,
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