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inactive form sentence in Hindi

"inactive form" meaning in Hindi
  • Phenytoin binds preferentially to the inactive form of the sodium channel.
  • Cyanogenic glycosides are stored in inactive forms in plant vacuoles.
  • ?-amylase is present in an inactive form prior to seed germination.
  • Accumulation of an inactive form of RNase L may be associated with CFS.
  • These are secreted in an inactive form called ( termed zymogens or proenzymes ).
  • Hydrochloric acid activates this inactive form of enzyme into the active form, pepsin.
  • Initiator caspases cleave inactive forms of effector caspases.
  • Gemzar is a new type of chemotherapy that is injected into the body in an inactive form.
  • Codeine is a prodrug, so it requires conversion from its inactive form to its active form.
  • The lining cells are relatively inactive forms of osteoblasts that cover all available surfaces of the bone.
  • Gemzar represents a new type of chemotherapy agent that is injected into the body in an inactive form.
  • This enzyme catalyzes the reduction of progesterone to the inactive form 20-alpha-hydroxy-progesterone.
  • In the end, phosphorylase is kept in its active form and glycogen synthase in its inactive form.
  • This inactive form cannot cause disease, but it mobilizes the immune system against invasion of active viruses or bacteria.
  • Dopamine levels doubled in animals given the drug compared with animals injected with an inactive form of marijuana, DiChiara said.
  • In the inactive form, the kinase subdomains are aligned so that ATP cannot reach the catalytic center of the kinase.
  • He theorized that epinephrine is held in tissues in an inactive form and is liberated by the nervous system when needed.
  • Circulating AM consists of both amidated active form ( 15 % ) and the glycated inactive form ( 85 % ).
  • In its closed, inactive form, the active site structure becomes an ?-helix that can chelate metal ions.
  • It is secreted by the pancreas in an inactive form, procolipase, which is activated in the intestinal lumen by trypsin.
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