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English-Hindi > included phloem

included phloem meaning in Hindi

included phloem sentence in Hindi

अंतर्विष्‍ट पोषवाह
अंतर्विष्‍ट फ्लोएम
included    अंतर्विष्‍ट
phloem    वल्कल पौधों मे
1.The complete Cortex Project was presented as Musco's first solo show in Paris by Acte 2 Galerie, April 2013 and included Phloem, and the Ovum series of nests.

2.In some other families ( Amaranthaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Salvadoraceae ), the cambium also periodically forms inward strands or layers of phloem, embedded in the xylem : Such phloem strands are called "'included phloem "'or "'interxylary phloem " '.

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