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English-Hindi > inclusion bodies

inclusion bodies meaning in Hindi

inclusion bodies sentence in Hindi

अंतस्थ पिंड
inclusion    समावेश समावेशन
bodies    पिंड
1.Inclusion bodies have been found in both the cell nucleus and cytoplasm.

2.In affected cells, this protein builds up and assembles intranuclear inclusion bodies.

3.Type-A inclusion bodies are found only in certain poxviruses like cowpox.

4.These inclusion bodies represented lysosomes that were filled with undigestable material.

5.Inclusion bodies contain very little host protein, ribosomal components or DNA / RNA fragments.

6.Elizabeth Neufeld was studying patients who had multiple inclusion bodies present in their cells.

7.Mutations in the " SERPINI1 " gene cause familial encephalopathy with neuroserpin inclusion bodies.

8."' DR52 serotype "'is positively associated with systemic sclerosis, inflammatory myopathies, inclusion body myositis,

9.In plant tissue this virus makes characteristic viral inclusion bodies which can be diagnostic.

10.Due to the large amount of inclusion bodies she named this condition I-cell disease.

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