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English-Hindi > industrial action

industrial action meaning in Hindi

industrial action sentence in Hindi
औद्योगिक हड़ताल
industrial    अनौद्योगिक औद् यो
action    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
1.This angered many in the plant, but widespread industrial action was avoided.

2.The company has zero tolerance for escalating industrial action in any form.

3.Union leaders said that the pilots do not plan further industrial action.

4.The executive subsequently voted to hold a formal ballot on industrial action.

5.In 1922 the yard suffered industrial action and a lack of orders.

6.Due to the severely low wages, industrial action took place in 2006.

7.BECTU was balloting construction workers on the site to consider industrial action.

8.Industrial actions in other countries related to the French strike also end.

9."The company is still under the threat of the union's industrial action,"

10.If they reject the latest offer, then industrial action will continue.

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