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English-Hindi > inverted comma

inverted comma meaning in Hindi

inverted comma sentence in Hindi
• उद्धरण चिह्न
inverted    उल्टा प्रतिलोमित
comma    अल्पविराम कामा
1.Until it receives a new name, zoological nomenclature requires the inverted commas.

2.:: " Viruses of the Mind " now in inverted commas.

3.You have to use double inverted commas to identify specific phrases.

4."If you want to put the word ` supposed'in inverted commas, feel free ."

5.What we aspired to is not to ever put the play in inverted commas.

6.It's probably unfortunate for Hitchens that he chose to put spokesperson in inverted commas.

7.Which is why I put " mispronounced " in inverted commas in the header.

8.But then a lot of my conversation is in inverted commas ( quotation marks ).

9.The generic name is invalid, thus the inverted commas.

10.*Also, inverted commas / quotation marks must follow and not precede full stops / periods.

a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
Synonyms: quotation mark, quote,

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