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English-Hindi > investment company

investment company meaning in Hindi

investment company sentence in Hindi

निवेश कंपनी
विनिधान कंपनी
investment    खिलत घेरा निवेश
company    दल सोहबत मंडली
1.For the investment companies, profits depend on the ability to handicap death.

2.The Flemish and Walloon regional government investment companies are also consortium members.

3.Dana was also president of Cadan Corp ., a private investment company.

4.Any Wall Street investment company would be foolish to ignore that business.

5.Another way to measure DVDs is to think like an investment company.

6.The PA is an investment company that earns profit from the people.

7.Oscar acceptance speech in an ad for the investment company Charles Schwab.

8.The most profitable economic crimes in 1994 were tied to investment companies.

9.The Swedish investment company said it will sell 110 million ABB shares.

10.The investment company was involved in arranging eight of these 25 transactions.

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a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies
Synonyms: investment trust, investment firm, fund,

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