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English-Hindi > investment expenditure

investment expenditure meaning in Hindi

investment expenditure sentence in Hindi

• निवेश व्यय
investment    खिलत घेरा निवेश
expenditure    खपत खर्च लागत व्यय
1.The amount of building activity in Shanghai fueled by government investment expenditures continues to be astounding.

2.It includes salaries of public servants, purchases of weapons for the military and any investment expenditure by a government.

3.In the simple classical model increase in savings cause a fall in the interest rates thereby inducing additional investment expenditure.

4.Lom?II ( January 1981 to February 1985 ) increased the aid and investment expenditure for the ECU to 5.5 billion.

5.Consequently investment expenditures are set at only 26.4 per cent of total budget in 1999, compared with 32.1 per cent this year.

6.The total investment expenditure spent by Scomi Rail for the SUTRA monorail was about RM35mil including for research, development and factory expansion.

7.Wachtel, The Effect on Earnings of School and College Investment Expenditures, 58 Review of Economics & Statistics 326, 330 ( 1976 ).

8.The proportion of investment expenditure is currently only 27 per cent or Bt216.3 billion of the proposed total budget of Bt800 billion.

9."Our goals are to raise revenue, cut costs, and further reduce investment expenditures, " chief executive Bernd Pischetsrieder said in the statement.

10.Mexican finance officials add to private consumer spending the government's own consumer spending, plus investment expenditures and exports to measure total demand.

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