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English-Hindi > irruptive rock

irruptive rock meaning in Hindi

irruptive rock sentence in Hindi

अंतर्वेधी शैल
अन्तर्वेधी शैल
irruptive    अंतर्वेधी
rock    पत्थर पहाड़
1.Irruptive rock body reservoir is one of important volcanic rock reservoirs

2.Traditionally , various subphase belts for irruptive rock body are studied and analyzed by mainly drilling well and coring

3.This paper is based on practical drilling data of drilled irruptive rock body in western sha segment of huimin depression , rock body subfacies in this phrase and seismic , electric logging features in pyrolysis metamorphic belt are analyzed , so as to summarize a set of practical methods , which identify drilled various subfacies and irruptive rock top and bottom boundary by cuttings log and drill time logging

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