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ivory black sentence in Hindi

"ivory black" meaning in Hindi
  • Ivory black was formerly made by grinding charred ivory in oil.
  • Today ivory black is considered a synonym for bone black.
  • EIA has spent the last three years monitoring elephant poaching in Africa and the ivory black markets of Asia.
  • The black dresses and high hats of the gentlemen in Manet's " Music in the Tuileries " are painted in ivory black.
  • He kept his colours apart from each other : his palette consisted of vermilion, white, naples yellow, two different ivory black, cassel earth and bitumen.
  • A typical example is Manet's " Music in the Tuileries ", where the black dresses and hats of the men are painted in ivory black.
  • Later, he mounted a pair of papers, snow white ( SW ) and ivory black ( Bk ), in an inner circle, thereby creating shades of gray.
  • I tried to replace black with a mixture of red and blue, I tried using cobalt blue or ultramarine, but I always came back to ivory black ."
  • A few years after arriving, he published the " Ivory Black Stories ", tales of artist life, which were reprinted in book form in 1885 as " Color Studies ".
  • Choose vermilion, Indian red, Alizarin crimson, burnt umber, raw umber, yellow ocher, chrome yellow deep, cadmium yellow light, cobalt green deep, flake white and ivory black for your basic palette.
  • His equipment-laden backpack weighed seventy pounds, and included eight colors of oil paint : white, ivory black, cadmium red scarlet, manganese blue, ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, and talens green light.
  • In April 2008, the single " Heavy Metal Pirates " was released as a German Alex Tabisz, before rejoining the band in late August, in time for a show at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow on 29 August.
  • The method I used for this purpose was glazing ( thin application of transparent pigment ) techniques employing pigments of high transparency such as alizarin crimson, ultramarine, prussian blue, verdian green, chrome yellow, aureolin, zinc white, ivory black, etc.
  • In one painting, the portrait of Margaretha de Geer ( 1661 ), one part of a grey wall in the background is painted with a layer of dark brown over a layer of orange, red, and yellow earths, mixed with ivory black and some lead white.
  • In 2008, Alta Ifland's collection " Voix de Glace / Voice of Ice " won the Louis Guillaume Prize for Prose Poems, France and in 2012, Jen Hofer's translation of Myriam Moscona's " Negro Marfil / Ivory Black " won the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award ( selected by Pierre Joris ), and the PEN Award for Poetry in Translation ( selected by Christian Hawkey ).

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